TM34-0139 ~ Painting Instructions for Army Materiel

This is a quality reprint of a manual on painting US Army Equipment.  Originally published in July of 1988, this volume concerns itself with prep and application of paint.  It does not contain any patterns for camouflage.  If you do not have much experience with painting and are planning on painting your 6x6 out behind the barn, this could provide some important insights.

From the Manual:


 This manual is published to provide information and guidance to personnel charged with painting and marking equipment for which the U.S. Army has responsibility. It contains instructions for treating surfaces to remove corrosion, and procedures for preventing corrosion by applying protective coatings. Although many paint systems are covered, special emphasis is placed on the Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC), because they are particularly effective in resisting corrosion and chemical penetration, and are also decontaminated more easily than are other coatings.

 1-2. SCOPE

 a. This manual discusses materials associated with painting operations, procedures for marking and camouflaging equipment, and methods of applying paint.

 b. This manual is applicable to equipment under U.S. Army jurisdiction, whether assigned to active service or in wet or dry storage. Additional information for painting watercraft and aircraft are contained in TB 43-0144, Painting of Vessels, and TM 55-1500-345-23, Painting and Marking Army Aircraft.    For additional information for painting military vehicles, construction equipment and material handling equipment, refer to TB 43-0209. For detailed corrosion correction and prevention techniques, refer to TB 43-0213.


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