TB43-0147 ~ Technical Bulletin ~ Color, Marking & Camouflage Patterns Used on Military Equipment

This is a quality reprint of US Army Technical Bulletin, TB43-0209.  Originally published in December of 1975.  It provides four color camouflage painting instructions and patterns for military vehicles, construction equipment, and materials handling equipment.  It does not cover Jeeps, M37s and similar sized equipment.

From the Manual:

1-1. Purpose. This bulletin establishes policies and assigns responsibilities for the painting and marking of camouflaged and non-camouflaged equipment managed by TROSCOM.

 1-2.  Scope.

 a. This bulletin prescribes the colors to be used for painting and camouflaging of Army materiel and provides a uniform system for the marking of such materiel.

 b. Instructions for application of special technical markings not shown herein are located in Department of the Army publications on the specific end item covered.

 c. Instructions for the painting of vehicles and equipment will be found in TM 43-0139, provisions of which are included in this bulletin by reference.

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