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This is a quality reprint of an early parts list for the Ford Special Pattern trucks produced by Ford Motor Company of Canada, during WWII. 

From the Manual:




All Army vehicles subsequent to March 5, 1941, will have an identification plate showing the serial number, motor number and model on the right-hand side of the instrument panel.

Temporary plates showing the serial number only were used up to June 16, 1941, when C11Q-7001699-A was adopted. The first serial number issued on this plate was 1102-A with motor number 2G-35294-F. 

Serial numbers commenced with “I” and will run consecutively. These serial numbers were adopted to distinguish any change from an old part and a new part. For example, 01T-3600 was used up to serial number 5579 on models 15 and 15A; C11Q-3600 used from serial number 5580 on 15 and 15A models.

Vehicles on which serial numbers were first used are listed in the following chart with relative motor numbers and models.


Serial No.                  Model                          Engine NO.

No. 1                 C01Q        30 cwt.                2G-19639-F

No. 3                 C018Q      3-Ton,158"               2G-19865-F

No. 4                 C011Q      Field Artillery Tractor      2G-20190-F

No. 7                 C011D      8Cwt.                  2G-20107-F

No. 9                 C018Q      3-Ton, 158"              2G-20155-F

No. 14               C011WQ     15 Cwt.                 2G-20303-F

No. 15               C010Q      6 Wheeler                2G~20202-F

No. 17               C018Q      3-Ton, 158”               2G-20304-F


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