Canadian Ford Special Pattern Vehicles Built for the British War Department ~  Instruction Book ~ Driving ~ Maintenance ~ Repair


This is a quality reprint of an early Maintenance Manual for the Ford Special Pattern trucks produced by Ford Motor Company of Canada, during WWII. 

Models Covered:

D.N.D. Type Ford Model No. Drive   Wheelbase  Ford Part No. Prefix






15 Cwt.

F-15 4x2 101" C291WF

15 Cwt.

F-15A 4x4 101.25" C291WQF

30 Cwt.

F-30 4x4 134.25" C29QF

3 Ton

F-60S 4x4 134.25 C29QF

3 Ton

F-60L 4x4 158.25 C298QF

3 Ton

F-60H 6x4 160.25 C280QF

Field Artillery    Tractor

F-AT 4x4 101.25 C291QF

Rear-Engine   Armoured

  4x4 101.25 C291QRF

From the Manual:

This book has been prepared for the purpose of giving full instruction to the driver mechanic and to maintenance depot personne1 on the proper use and procedure of servicing all units. Complete details concerning general maintenance, lubrication and both minor and major repair procedures are included.

 Wherever necessary, reference is made to the Ford Mechanical Service Bulletin which provides fu11 details of all repair procedures.

 Wherever possible, Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited, has incorporated standard Ford parts and assemblies as part of all Special Pattern Vehicles built for the Department of National Defense.  For this reason a general knowledge of Ford design as referred to in the Ford Mechanics Service Bulletin, will be found most beneficial to anyone concerned with maintaining these special vehicles.

 All information is written in simple, non-technical language and it is suggested this book be referred to first, should occasion necessitate immediate information.

 The Manufacturer has endeavored at all times to include information applying to the latest production vehicles, but as specifications and changes occur in the course of normal development of more recent production models, the information the reader is looking for, may vary slightly.

 This instruction book should be considered as part of the vehicle and should not be removed therefrom.

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