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This is a quality reprint of an early Maintenance Manual for the Canadian Military Pattern trucks produced by General Motors, during WWII.  Published in July, 1941

 From the Manual:

This Instruction Book is written with the  purpose of giving full instructions to the driver on the correct us of all units. The proper maintenance such as lubrication and minor adjustments are also described for all units.

 Major repair and maintenance is described in full only for such units as are peculiar to these vehicles.  For such work on units which are used in standard Chevrolet vehicles, reference is made to the Chevrolet Shop Manual.


 Rated Capacity and Type  Wheelbase   G.M. Series Number
 C-8 8 CWT. 4x 2 101" 8420
C-15 15 CWT 4x2 101" 8421
C-15A 15CWT 4x4 101" 8444
C-30S 30 CTW 4x4 134" 8441
C-60S 3 TON 4 x4 134" 8442
 C-60L 3 TON 4 x 4 158" 8443
C-GT F.A.Gun Tractor 4 x 4 101" 8440

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