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This is a quality reprint of Maintenance Manual for the Canadian Military Pattern trucks produced by General Motors, during WWII.

 From the Manual:

This publication contains complete descriptive information and maintenance data covering the Canadian Military Pattern Vehicles listed on the following page.

 The Manual is arranged in sections as shown in the "Section Index" on the preceding page. A complete index of individual subjects is contained at the end of the Manual.

 Certain mechanical instructions throughout the Manual do not apply to all models. Where this occurs, the designation of the models affected will be shown in brackets below the subject heading.

 A ruled page is provided at the end of each section for the addition of modifications to the manual which will be supplied in bulletin form.


 Rated Capacity and Type  Wheelbase   G.M. Series Number
 C-15  15 CWT. 4x 2 101" 8421
C-15A 15CWT.4x4 101" 8444
C-30 30 CTW 4x4 134" 8441
C-60S 3 TON 4 x4 134" 8442
 C-60f   3 TON 4 x 4 158" 8443
C-GT F.A.T. 4 x 4 101" 8440
C-8A Heavy Utility 4 x 4 101"  8445 (Complete Body & Chassis)
8448 (Cab & Chassis ODIY)

The model designations quoted above (i.e. C-15, etc.) will be used throughout the manual to identify the specific vehicle being discussed.

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