TM E9-803 ~ German Volkswagen Maintenance Manual ~ (Kubelwagen)


This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual TM E9-803.  Printed in June, 1944, it provides information on the maintaining of captured German VW's.

 From the Manual:


a. These instructions are published for the information and guidance of the personnel to whom this equipment is assigned. They contain information on the operation and maintenance of the German Volkswagen as well as descriptions of the major units and their functions in relation to the other components of the vehicle. 

b. This manual has the following arrangement.

(1) Part One, Introduction, contains description and data.

(2) Part Two, Operating Instructions, contains instructions for the operation of the vehicle, with description and location of the controls and instruments. V

(3) Part Three, Maintenance Instructions, contains information needed for the performance of the scheduled lubrication and preventive maintenance services, and instructions for maintenance operations which can ordinarily be performed by using organizations (first and second echelons).

(4) The Appendix contains instructions for shipment and limited storage, and a list of references which may provide helpful information concerning operation or maintenance.

 c. The operations described in this manual are based on the availability of necessary parts, accessories, and tools.  Conditions will arise in which the items referred to in the manual are not available since they cannot be requisitioned through usual channels. In these cases, individual initiative must be resorted to when repairs are required.


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