FM30-40 ~ Recognition Pictorial Manual On Armored Vehicles ~ 1951


This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual FM30-40.  Originally published in October 0f 1951, it provides photos and drawings of major U.S., British, and Russian Armor, early in the cold war.  This includes many of the armored cars and tracked armor used by these former allies in the latter years of WWII.

From the Manual:




 This manual is designed as an aid for the uniform training of personnel in recognition of armored vehicles. It covers the armored vehicles that at present are considered operational.


 The objective of training in the recognition of armored vehicles is to make each individual capable of instantly recognizing armored vehicles non in operation and to be able to learn quickly to recognize any new vehicles that may be developed. The individual must be able to recognize such vehicles under varying conditions of terrain, weather, and light; when the vehicle, or observer, or both, are moving or stationary; and when the vehicle is viewed from the front, side, rear, top, or at varying angles.


 a. This Manual.

 (1) This manual is designed primarily for self-instruction and general use, but will also serve as a text in recognition courses. It includes four types of material: silhouettes, pictorial operational data, photographs, and editorial matter. The material is the most exact currently available. The manual will be constantly enlarged and amended.

 (2) The silhouettes contained in this manual are drawn to a constant scale, so that when viewed from 5 yards they represent the vehicle at approximately 400 yards.

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