FM30-40 ~
Identification of United States Armored Vehicles


This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual FM30-40, Identification of United States Armored Vehicles.  Originally published in 1941, it provides photos and drawings of major U.S Armor at the start of WWII.

From the Manual:



 1. PURPOSE.- The purpose of this manual is to serve as a guide in the identification of armored vehicles of the United States.

 2. SCOPE. - Only those armored vehicles of the United States in current operation are covered. They are shown by photographs and silhouettes. When photographs are not given, blank spaces have been left so that they may be added when provided.

 3. NECESSITY.-  Quick and accurate identification of both hostile and friendly armored vehicles is. of vital importance in modern warfare, The importance of the armored vehicles and the required cooperation make it imperative that all arms and services and all ranks be familiar, not only with the equipment used in our service, but with all other equipment likely to be encountered on the field of battle. The ever widening sphere of action of armored vehicle,. requires knowledge of such equipment by all personnel, no matter where located in the theater of operation.


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421.00  ~ FM30-40 ~ ID of US Armored Vehicles ~ 1941 ~ Cover 741 M&O ~ Page O-24
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