TM 9-1828A ~ Fuel Pumps


This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual TM9 1828A.  Originally published in March, 1945 it provides information rebuilding AC fuel pumps. 

 From the Manual:


a.      The instructions contained in this manual are for the guidance of  personnel  charged with the maintenance and repair of AC mechanical fuel pumps and Carter electric fuel pumps.  These instructions ace supplementary to field and technical manuals prepared for the using arms.  This manual does not contain information which is intended primarily for the using arms, since such information is available to ordnance personnel in 100 genes TM’s and FM’s.  It should be noted that the groupings of fuel pump series in the chapters of this book have no significance from the standpoint of pump interchangeability.

b.     This manual contains a description, of and procedure for disassembly, inspections, repair, and assembly of Carter fuel pumps and the following series of AC fuel pumps: B, D, G, IHC Specials, O, P, R, S, T, W, AC, AF, AG, AH, AJ, AR, AT, AV, AU, AW, AX, BE, BF, BH, BK, BL, BM and BN.

c.      For fuel pump replacements refer to the pertinent operator


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