Supplement for Dodge Truck Shop Manual ~ 1939 Series "T" 

This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual for prewar Dodge trucks.  As with most truck manuals produced prior to mid-WWII it was isssued by the manufacturer.  A card pasted inside the front cover identifies it as a military manual.  See covered trucks below.


From the manual:

1939 Series “T”

TC                         Commercial Car

TD15                     ¾ Ton

TD20                     1 Ton

TD21                     1Ton

TE                          1½ Ton (standard)

TF                          1 ½ Ton (heavy duty)

TG                         1½, 2 Ton

TH                         2 Ton

TK                         3 Ton

TL                          2 Ton Special

TKD                       3 Ton (Diesel)

TLD                       2 Ton Special (Diesel)

This supplement is to be used in connection with the 1938 Shop Manual covering the "R” series of Dodge Trucks.  These two books, Shop Manual and Supplement, contain complete information for servicing the 1939 "T” series of Dodge Trucks.

Be sure to keep the Shop Manual and this Supplement together.

The operations covered in this Supplement are those that differ in service procedure from the 1938 "R" Series

Service operations that remain the same as 1938 are not included in thin Supplement.

For information on the "T” (1939) series, refer to this supplement FIRST.  If the desired subject is not covered in this Supplement follow the instructions given in the Shop Manual.

Models of the 1938 series which compare in a general way with the 1939 series are listed herewith for the convenience of all concerned.

1938 Series                      1939 Series

RC                                   TC

RD                                   TD

RE                                   TE

RF                                   TF

RG                                   TG

RH                                   TH

RK                                   TK

RL                                    TL

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