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This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual TM 9-1826A / Air Force Manual TO 19-75CCA-6. Originally published in December of 1952, it is the maintenance manual for the several different Carter Carburetors used by the military in the 1940s and 1950s.  This includes Jeeps and Dodge Trucks.  If you are doing your own work on your M37, WC, MB, or GPW this is a great manual to have!

 From the Manual:

1. Scope

a. These instructions are published for the information and guidance of personnel responsible for field and depot maintenance of this materiel. These instructions contain information on maintenance which is beyond the scope of tools, equipment, or supplies normally available to using organizations. This manual does not contain information which is intended primarily for the using organization, since such information is available to ordnance maintenance personnel in the pertinent operator's technical manuals or field manuals.

 b. This manual contains a description of and procedures for removal disassembly, inspection, repair, rebuild, and assembly of Carter carburetors used on ordnance vehicles and equipment. The appendix contains a list of current references, including supply catalog, technical manuals and other available publications applicable to the materiel.

 c.  This manual divers from TM 9-1826A, 11 February 1944, as follows:

(1) Adds information on—

(a) Trouble shooting.

(b) Type W-1 carburetor, models 585S and 585SA.

(c) Type W-O carburetor, models 450SA and 698S. .(d) Type WDO carburetor, model 373S.

(e) Type WCD carburetor, models 578S, 581S, and 583S.

(f) Type Y-S carburetor, model 637S.

(g) Ball and ball downdraft carburetor, models E7T1 and DTB3R.

(h) Ball and ball downshaft carburetor (built-in governor type), models 565S and ETWlRIJ.

(2) Revises information on—

(a) Basic principles of operation.

(b) Special tools and equipment for field and depot maintenance.

(c) Carter velocity governor.

(3) Deletes reference to ball and ball carburetors (with built-in governor), models T1-A, T2-A, T3-A, TEA, T5-A, T1B, T2B, T3B, T4B, T5B, TD1, TD2, TX-1, TX-2, TX-3, TX~, and TX-5.


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