TM9-740 ~ Armored Car T17 ~ Deerhound ~  Maintenance Manual


This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual TM9-740.  Originally published in November of 1942, it is the primary maintenance manual for the Ford produced T17. 

From the Manual:


a. TM 9-740, dated November 2, 1942, is intended to serve temporarily (pending the publication of a revision now in preparation which will be wider in scope) to give information and guidance to the personnel of the using arms charged with the operation and maintenance of this materiel.


a. Sections I through VIII contain information chiefly for the guidance of operating personnel. Sections IX through XX contain information intended chiefly for the guidance of personnel doing maintenance work.


a. Section XXI lists all Standard Nomenclature Lists, Technical Manuals, and other publications for the materiel described herein. 

4. DESCRIPTION (Figs. 1 and 2).

a. The Armored Car T17 is an armored, six-wheeled (6 x 6) vehicle powered by two Hercules (JXD) engines. The engines are located in the rear of the hull. The operator steers the vehicle by means of a hydraulic power-operated steering gear with the conventional type steering wheel. The vehicle has eight forward speeds and two reverse speeds. The armored car is wired for radio installation and for interphone system within the armored car.

b. The turret armor is 1%-inches thick on the sides and 3A-inch thick on the top. The armor on the sides of the hull is %-inch thick (plate) and 3A—inch thick (cast) on the front slope. The top of the hull is 5/8-inch thick cast armor. The floor (die-formed) is 1/4-inch thick and the engine compartment covers are 3/8-inch thick.

c. The turret can be rotated 360 degrees by a hydraulic system or by hand. The turret platform (basket) rotates with the turret.

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