ORD 8 SNL G-136 ~ Field & Depot Maintenance Allowances for Car, Armored, M8 & Car Armored, Utility, M20.  Greyhound

This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual ORD 8 SNL G-136 Originally published in March, 1952.  It provides numbers for what has got to be about every part that makes up the Greyhound: Stock Number, Federal Identification Number, manufacturers Number, Ordnance Number, & Number of items to be stocked.  This is not a picture book, there are only two pictures in the back, almost as an afterthought.  It is also not a maintenance manual in the sense that is will direct you in the repair of your machine.  It will identify the relevant number of each part. 

 From the Manual:


 1. GENERAL. a. This catalog is a list of the estimated quantities of component parts and equipment for light armored car M8 and utility armored car M20 stocked for maintenance and rebuild.

 b. The Federal Item Identification Number column lists those numbers approved by the Munitions Board Cataloging Agency. These numbers should not be confused with Federal stock numbers which are utilized by the Ordnance Corps for tools, lubricants, etc.

 c. An explanation of reference symbols used throughout this catalog is included under heading NOTBS.

 d. Additional applications of items listed in this Publication. if any, are contained in the Department of the Army Supply Catalog ORD 5-5 series.

 e. If stock numbers in this list do not correspond with those used in ORD 9, List of All Service Parts for those items, the stock numbers in this list will govern.

 f. Classification codes for Federal stock numbers listed herein are published in ORD 5-2.

 g. For prices of items contained herein, see the appropriate catalog of the ORD 5-3 series.

 h. For full information relative to the Ordnance section of the Department of the Army Supply Catalog, including the purposes and uses thereof, the procedure followed, and the principles employed in its compilation, see ORD 1.

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