TM9 1743 ~ Greyhound ~ Power Train, Suspension, Hull, and Turret for Light Armored Car ~ M8 & Armored Utility Car ~ M20


This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual TM9 1743 Originally published in October, 1943, it provides maintenance instructions for the WWII light armored "Greyhound" chassis.

 From the Manual:

 1. SCOPE.

 a. The instructions contained in this manual are for the information and guidance of personnel charged with the maintenance and repair of Light Armored Car M8 and Armored Utility Car M2 O. These instructions are supplementary to field and technical manuals prepared for the using arm. This manual does not contain information which is intended primarily for the using arm, since such information is available to ordnance maintenance personnel in 100-series TM's or FM's.

 b. This manual contains a description of, and procedure for the disassembly, inspection, and- repair of the transmission, propeller shafts, transfer case, all axles, bogies, springs, shock absorbers, steering gear, brakes, wheels, hubs, hull, and turret.

c. TM 9-743 contains information and instructions for personnel of the using arms charged with the operation, maintenance, and minor repair of the materiel.

 d. TM 9-1832A contains ordnance maintenance instructions for Hercules engines used in these vehicles.

 e. The Light Armored Car M8 and Armored Utility Car M20 are identical vehicles with the following exceptions: The M8 incorporates a cast-steel turret and is equipped with a 37-mm gun. The M20 has no turret, but instead is equipped with a ring mount, to which is secured a .50 caliber machine gun.


 a. Separate chapters are provided for: Transmission, Propeller Shafts, Transfer Case, Rear and Intermediate Axles, Front Axle, Bogies, Steering Gear, Brakes and Hubs, and Hull and Turret. The major units in each of the above chapters are covered in individual sections where required. Chapter 11 contains a list of special tools necessary for disassembly, inspection, repair, and assembly of the various units.

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