B.F. Goodrich ~ Training Manual ~ Endless Band Tracks for Half Track Vehicles

This is a quality reprint of a B.F. Goodrich training manual on tracks.

From the Manual:


To instruct selected Army personnel in the proper care, preventive maintenance and servicing of tires, tubes, endless and block tracks and other rubber products, the B. F. Goodrich U. S. Army Training School provides a thorough course of instruction and practice.

That the fundamentals of this training may be easily and readily presented to the thousands of other Army men operating motorized equipment, vital information is made available through publication of the B. F. Goodrich U. S. Army Training School Manual.

This Manual is published in sections, each dealing with the separate classification of rubber product of prime interest in the particular task of art individual Army man or group. The simplicity and clarity of text and illustrations should make procedure easily understandable without special practical training.  It offers an excellent means for individual and field class instruction and reference by motor officers, vehicle drivers and mechanics of all echelons.


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