Operator's Manual for Half Track M2 Scout Car & M3 Personnel Carrier ~ White Motor Company

This is a quality reprint of The White Motor Company operator's Manual for the M2 and M3 Half Tracks .

From the Manual:

The instructions and information in this Manual apply to all U.- S. Army Half Tracks with name plates carrying Ordnance Department Model Numbers M2 or MA

 It is an outstanding reference for the M2 and M3 Halftracks.  If you have a Half-Track then you should have a copy of this manual.  Originals are getting too expensive to get greasy. I have watched original copies of this manual continue to increase in price on Ebay.  Here is one for a fraction of the original that can be used on the workbench.
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Cover Page S-06-2
Page S-22M 2 Page S-54S 5
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