TM9-705 ~ Scout Cars, M3, M3A1 & 4.2 ~ Mortar Motor Carriage, M2 ~ Maintenance Manual


This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual TM9-705.  Originally published in February of 1941 it is the primary maintenance manual for the M2 and M3 Scout Cars built by White Motor Company. 

From the Manual:

Purpose and scope -

 1. Purpose and scope. The instructions and principles set forth in this manual are published for the information and guidance of the using arms and all personnel charged with the operational inspection, and maintenance of the vehicles.  Included are descriptions of the major units and instructions for their operation inspection and minor repair.

 2. A References ~ All Standard Nomenclature Lists, Technical Manuals, Field Manuals,  Army Regulations, and other publications and other publications for material described herein are listed in the appendix.

 3. General description - The vehicles described in this manual are intended for military use in the theater of operations as combat vehicles by the Calvary and Field Artillery, involving the transportation of personnel and battery details, and operation for messenger service reconnaissances and combat purposes. While basically of similar construction, the various models are grouped together to include scout car, M3 and 4.2 mortar motor carriage,  M2 (T5E1) in one category and scout car, M3A1, in another for purposes of description and comparison.

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