TM9-2320-386-10 ~ Extended Service Program ~ Operator's Manual ~ 2.5 Ton M44A3 Series Trucks


This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual TM9 2320 386 10.  Originally published in Janurary, 1996, it is provides information on operator responsibilities for M35A3, M35A3C, & M36A3.  If your dues is runniong and you want to drive this cvould be an iomportant piece of documentation.

From the Manual:

A.    This manual contains instructions for operating and servicing 2-1/2-ton, 6x6, M44A2 series vehicles which have been remanufactured through the Extended Service Program ASPS. These vehicles are: 


1.   M35A3, Cargo Truck, WO/17V and W/~7V Fixed Side)

2.   M35A3C, Cargo Truck, WO/~7V and W/17V (Dropside)

3.   M36A3, Cargo Truck, WO/17V and W/17V (Long Wheelbase)

 B. The material presented here provides operators with information and procedures needed to provide the safest and most efficient operation and servicing of these vehicles. This information includes:

1.   Vehicle limitations.

2.   The function of controls.

3.   Operation instructions for vehicle.

4.   Cautions and warnings to operators regarding safety to personnel and equipment.

5.   Operator maintenance checks and services.

6.   Troubleshooting procedures to be followed by operator if the vehicle malfunctions.

7.   Operator forms and records.

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