TM10 1345 ~ International ~ K-7 ~ 2.5 Ton 4x2


This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual TM10 1345.  Originally published in July, 1941, it is the basic maintenance manual for the International, 2.5 ton 4x2 Dump Truck, Model K7.  I am not an International guy and don't know too much beyond the fact that the manuals are pretty hard to find.  The engine in this truck is a 269 and the wheelbases listed are: 146, 158, & 176.  It is a rather detailed manual.  I would note that the Section Index lists a chapter on the wheels.  There is no evidence that the information was included in the manual.

 From the Manual:

This manual is for the use of those who drive and service International K-7 trucks built for the United States Army. For conveniences driving instructions and other general data are at the front of the manual, and are followed by servicing and maintenance sections arranged alphabetically and numbered consecutively as shown on the right hand edge of this sheet.  In addition, each section having more than three pages is prefaced by specifications and an alphabetical index of the information in that section.

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