TM10-1541 ~ 4x2 Ford 1.5 Ton Mainenance Manual ~ Right Hand Drive

This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual TM10-1541.  It is a basic maintenance manual for the Ford 1.5 ton 4X2, Contract Number W-398-QM-12875.  Published, May, 1942.

 From the Manual:

THIS book has been prepared to supply operators and maintenance mechanics with all the essential information for insuring the most efficient performance of the Ford 1/2 -Ton, 4 x 2, Truck. Detailed specifications and data concerning manufacturing limits and tolerances will be found in the last section of the book.

 The Ford Parts Numbering System is designed so that a basic number is assigned to each unit in the vehicle. For example, all wheels and wheel parts are within the series of numbers ranging from 1000 to 1500, all brake parts have numbers ranging from 2000 up, front axle parts have numbers ranging from 3000 up, steering gear parts have numbers ranging from 3500 up, etc. Since these basic numbers have been shown on all drawings showing exploded views of the various assemblies in the truck the book has been laid out in sections which conform to the grouping of the Ford Parts Numbering System. Each section is, therefore, numbered with the Ford basic number of the particular assembly or part described in that section. This will not only simplify the task of locating the various units in the book but will also make it easier for inexperienced men to locate in the Parts Book any items which may be referred to in the following text.

 A brief description is given in each section of the operating principle involved in the particular assembly being discussed so the drivers, as well as mechanics will have some knowledge as to the functioning of each unit. In addition, detailed instructions for removing and installing parts, effecting necessary adjustments quickly, and properly lubricating all parts, are covered.

 Such tools as are illustrated or mentioned in this book can be secured from K. R. Wilson, Buffalo, New York.


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