TM9-805 ~ Chevrolet 1.5 Ton 4X4 Truck ~ Maintenance Manual


This is a quality reprint of TM9-809, the Maintenance Manual for the Chevrolet 1 1/2 Ton truck, built for the United States Military, during World War II.  It is the 1943 edition of this manual for the vehicle.

 From the Manual:


 a. This technical manual is published for the information and guidance of the using arm personnel charged with the operation and maintenance of this materiel.

 b. In addition to a description of 17/2-ton 4 x 4 truck (Chevrolet), this manual contains technical information required for the identification, use, and care of the materiel. This manual is divided into two parts. Part One, section I through section VI I I, contains vehicle operating instructions. Part Two, section IX through section XXXV, contains vehicle maintenance instructions for using arm personnel charged with the responsibility of doing maintenance work within their jurisdiction.

 c. In all cases where the nature of the repair, modifications, or adjustment is beyond the scope or facilities of the unit, the responsible ordnance service should be informed so that trained personnel with suitable tools and equipment may be provided, or proper instructions issued.

 d. This technical manual supersedes the organizational maintenance instructions in the following Quartermaster Corps publications:

                  Date             Type of Vehicle

 TM 10-1127       1 March 1942       1 1/2 -ton Truck, 4 x 4 (Chevrolet)    

 TM 10-1203       1 March 1942       1 1/2 -ton Truck, 4 x 4 (Chevrolet)

 TM 10-1431      28 June 1942       1 1/2 -ton Truck, 4 x 4 (Chevrolet)

TM 10-1461       1 April 1942        1 1/2 -ton Truck, 4 x 4 panel (Chevrolet)

TM 10-1557       15 July 1942        1 1/2 -ton Truck, 4 x 4 (Chevrolet)

TM 10-1559       1 August 1942       1 1/2 -ton Truck, 4 x 4 (Chevrolet)


a.       General. The information in this manual covers several models of the Chevrolet l/-ton 4 x 4 truck. These models all have 145-inch wheelbase and dual rear wheels. They use the same engine, transmission, transfer case, and front and rear axles, with the exception of the telephone earth borer and telephone maintenance trucks which use a different rear axle and transfer case. Each vehicle has a serial number and load data plate (fig. 7) located on the left side of the windshield header panel. The various models are identified as follows:       


Model                  Type of Vehicle      

G-7 103                Chassis with cab    

G-7 1 13               Cab tractor      

G-7 105                Panel      

G-7106                Dump less winch     

G-7 116                Dump with winch     

G-7107                Cargo less winch     

G-7117                Cargo with winch      

G-7163                Telephone earth borer      

G-7173                Telephone maintenance


a.       Model G-7103—Chassis with Cab (fig. 1). This model does not have any body other than the cab mounted on it.

b.      Model G~7113—Cab Tractor (fig. 1), This vehicle is the same as model G-7103 except that it has a fifth wheel for hauling semitrailers.

c.       Model G~7105—Panel (fig. 2). This model is equipped with a panel body constructed so that the cab is part of the body. There is no partition between the cab and the body, as it is a single unit.

d.      Model ~7106—Dump Less Winch (fig. 3). This vehicle is a chassis and cab (G-7103) with a body mounted behind the cab. A hydraulic hoist is installed between the chassis and the body. The rear end of the body is pivoted to the frame so that the front of the body can be raised, and permit the operator to dump the load when desired. The body is provided with stake pockets to permit the installation of side racks, bows, and tarpaulin.

e.       Model G71L1L6—Dump with Winch (fig. 3). This vehicle is the same as model G-7106 but, in addition, it is equipped with a winch at the front of the frame.

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