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 The listing of parts in this book follows the standard grouping system established by the Office of the Quartermaster General, all parts being assigned a group number designating their location in this book, where the part number, complete description, model usage, and price of the part may be found. A perusal of the explanation of this grouping system, given below, will thoroughly acquaint book users with the facility in finding a desired parts listing.

 On Page 3 is shown the general setup of the Government Grouping System, which will show how the truck is separated into various major sections or assemblies for assignment of major group numbers; e.g., 01 (Engine), 07 (Transmission), 10 (Front Axle). IJnder each of these major group numbers are shown the subdivisions for the component units, which are designated by the addition of two numerals following the major group number. Under 01 Engine Group, therefore, 0100 is the Engine Assembly, 0101 Cylinder Block and Head, etc.

 In addition to this general index, there will be found in the front of the book an alphabetical index listing parts by noun and descriptive names and giving their Government Group Number, followed by a Chevrolet Group Number (in parentheses); these two group numbers refer to that listing where the desired part is shown with its complete description.

 In the illustrations throughout this book, parts are indicated by key numbers. Part numbers may be determined upon reference to corresponding key numbers in the legend immediately following each illustration.

 The Numerical Index and Price Section is a list of all of the parts in the book arranged in numerical sequence by part number.

 The Parts "Listing" Section of the book starts with the lowest numbered Government Group, and these follow in numerical sequence from that point. Within each Government Group, parts are arranged in consecutive order of Chevrolet Group Number, so that the references specified in any of the indexes will direct the book user to the exact location of the part desired. There are occasional exceptions where the Chevrolet Group Numbers are not in numerical sequence, when necessary to deviate in order to show such parts close to another related part.

 This Parts Book contains data particularly for the models identified on the title page; however, it may also serve as a basic book in connection with a Supplement, issued to show parts for another model. The parts data in a Supplement will include only the parts that are peculiar to a certain model. In other respects that model is similar to models covered by this book, and applicable parts are suitable for both.

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