TM9 2320 244 10 ~ 1.25 Ton 4X4 M715 Cargo Truck and M725 Ambulance ~ Operator’s Manual


This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual TM9 2320 244 10.  Originally published in August, 1968, it is the Operator’s Manual for the 1.25 Ton 4X4 M715 Cargo Truck and M725 Ambulance.

 From the Manual:

 This manual contains instructions for operation and operator s maintenance for the 1/-ton 4 ~ 4 M715 and ~I725 series vehicles. Essentially, this manual is a commercial type manual and is being used in order to provide timely field support for the vehicle. Several important features about this vehicle and related equipment are enumerated in order to provide information not normally included in a commercial type operator's manual.

 Instructions on lubrication, prescribed lubricants, and intervals are contained in this manual.

 Note. The shifting instruction and publication data plate contains a reference to the Department of the Army Lubrication Order ~'umber.

 The basic issue items list (BIIL), which lists accessories, attachments, component assemblies, tools, and repair parts accompanying the equipment, is provided in the appendix. This list also specifies the Troop Installed items, which when authorized are to be used with this vehicle.

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