TM9 2320 242 34 ~ 1.25 Ton 6X6 M561 Cargo Truck and M792 Ambulance ~ Direct and General Suipport Manual ~ Gama Goat


This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual TM9 2320 242 34.  Originally published in April, 1970, it an important mantenace manual for this unique Truck.

 From the Manual:

 1-1. Scope

This manual contains instructions for the use of, direct support and general support, maintenance personnel maintaining the Truck, Cargo: 1% ton, 6x6, M561, Truck, Ambulance: 1% ton, 6x6, M792; and their special purpose kits as allocated by the Maintenance Allocation Chart. It provides information on the maintenance of the equipment which is beyond the scope of the tools, equipment, personnel, or supplies normally available to the organizational level of maintenance.


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