TM9 2320 242 10 3 ~ 1.25 Ton 6X6 M561 Cargo Truck and M792 Ambulance ~ Operator Level Troubleshooting ~ Gama Goat


This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual TM9 2320 242 10 3.  Originally published in September, 1980, it provides trouble shooting flow charts for the Operator.   This covers light maintenance.

 From the Manual:

 TM 9-2320-242-10-3


1-1. SCOPE. This volume tells you how to do troubleshooting at the operator's level of maintenance. The amount of troubleshooting you can do is based on what the Maintenance Allocation Chart says you can fix. Because of this, the only trouble symptoms you will find here are those that could be caused by faulty things you can fix.

1-2. ORGANIZATION. When you do PMCS, or when you drive the truck and find that something is wrong, write down what is wrong. Then check the fault symptom index to see if the trouble (fault symptom) you noted is in the index. If it is, you can do troubleshooting to find the fault and fix it. If the symptom is not in the index, tell organizational maintenance.

 1-3. TROUBLESHOOTING APPROACH. In order to find out what is causing the problem in the truck, you must use a good approach. A good approach just means a way of doing troubleshooting so you can find the problem and not get confused or lost. The following chapter describes how you can use the materials in this volume to troubleshoot with a good approach.


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