ORD 7 SNL G-741 ~ Organizational Maintenance Allowances Manual ~ (Parts Lists) ~ M37, M42, M43, M56, M201 Dodge

This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual ORD 7 SNL G-741.  Originally published in April of 1967, it is the provides Federal Stock Numbers and in some cases Manufacturers Numbers for tghe organizational (unit) level.  Included are: Cargo Truck, Command Truck, Ambulance, Telephone Installation light maintenance and Cable Splicing Truck.

From the Manual:



 a. This manual, comprised of Sections I and II, contains a list of equipment issued the using arm or service for operation of the materiel and for performing organizational maintenance. It supplements Tables of Organization and Equipment and Tables of Allowances.

 b. Section I of this manual is a listing of all items that are authorized for issue with the Major Item. It will also include items required for the operation of the Major Item but not issued with the vehicle. For example: miscellaneous materiel, major items designated by TOE, instructional material, and equipment by other technical services.

 c. Section II of this manual is a listing of repair parts, equipment, and applicable cleaning and preserving material authorized to the organization for the maintenance of the Major Item.

 d. The Federal stock number column lists the 11-digit Federal stock number (or the 7digit Federal item identification number) which has been assigned by the Cataloging Division Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Supply and Logistics). These numbers are for information only and will not be used in connection with supply operations, until such time as implementation of the Federal-Cataloging Program is accomplished through editing action on appropriate supply documents (requisitions, issue slips, excess lists, etc.). However, where no Ordnance stock number is listed, the Federal stock number will be used for requisitioning purposes and must be suffixed with the misson assignment code wherever available, e.g., (5880-737~241-G502) .

 e. Classification codes for Federal standard stock catalog numbers listed herein are published in the ORD 5-2 and SM 9-1 series.

 f. For prices of items contained herein, see appropriate supply manual of the ORD 5-3 and SM 9-2 series.

 g. Additional applications of items in this manual are listed in ORD 5-5.

 h. An explanation of reference symbols used throughout this manual is included under heading NOTES.

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