TM9-8030 ~ M37 Series Dodge ~ Organizational Maintenance Manual


This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual TM9-8030.  Originally published in May of 1955, it is the primary organizational maintenance manual for the ¾ ton, M37, M42, M43, & V41 Dodge.  That includes: Cargo Truck, Command Truck, Ambulance, Telephone Installation light maintenance and Cable Splicing Truck.

From the Manual:

Section 1. GENERAL

 1. Scope

 a. These instructions are published for information and guidance of the personnel to whom this materiel is issued. They contain information on the operation and organizational maintenance of the materiel, as well as descriptions of major units and their functions in relation to other components of the materiel.

 b. The appendix contains a list of current references, including supply manuals, forms, technical manuals, and other available publications applicable to the materiel.

 2. Organizational Maintenance Allocation 

In general, the prescribed organizational maintenance responsibilities will apply as reflected in the allocation of tools and spare parts in the appropriate columns of the current ORD 7 supply manual pertaining to these vehicles and in accordance with the extent of disassembly prescribed in this manual for the purpose of cleaning, lubricating, or replacing authorized spare parts. In all cases where the nature of repair, modification, or adjustment is beyond the scope or facilities of the using organization, the supporting ordnance maintenance unit should be informed, in order that trained personnel with suitable tools and equipment may be provided or other proper instructions issued.


 4. Description

 a. This manual covers the 3/4-ton 4 x 4 cargo truck M37, 3/4-ton 4 x 4 command truck M42, 3/4-ton 4 x 4 ambulance truck M43, and 3/4-ton 4 x 4 telephone installation light maintenance and cable splicing truck V-41.

 b. All models are equipped with a liquid cooled, six-cylinder, "L" head type gasoline engine, located at the front of the vehicle. Power is transmitted through the clutch and the four-speed transmission. A short propeller shaft connects the transmission to the two-range transfer unit. Power is then transmitted to both front and rear axles by propeller shafts.

 c. Front and rear springs are of the semielliptic-type. Hydraulic type shock absorbers are used to control flexing of both front and rear springs.

d. The steering gear is the worm- and sector-type.

 e. A 24-volt electrical system supplies current for starting, ignition, lifts and horn. The electrical system is completely waterproofed. The lighting system includes service headlights, blackout driving light, marker lights, service and blackout tail and stop lights, and instrument panel lights.

 5. Differences Between Models

 a. Chassis.

 (1) Wheel base. Wheel base of the cargo truck M37 and the command truck M42 is 112 inches; wheel base of the ambulance truck M43 and the telephone maintenance truck V-41 is 126 inches.

 (2) Rear propeller shafts. The rear propeller shaft in the ambulance truck M43 and the telephone maintenance truck V-41 is longer than that used in the cargo truck M37 and command truck M42.

 Springs. Front springs for the cargo truck M37, the command truck M42, and the ambulance truck M43 have 7 leaves; front springs for the telephone maintenance truck V-41 have 8 leaves. Rear springs for the cargo truck M37 and the command truck M42 have 11 leaves; rear springs for the ambulance truck M48 and the telephone maintenance truck V-41 have 13 leaves.

 b. Cab and Bodies.

 (1) Cab. The cargo truck M87, command truck M42, and telephone maintenance truck V-41 are equipped with a steel cab with soft top which is separated from the body.

 (2) Bodies.

 (a) Cargo truck AI37. The cargo truck M37 has an open-type steel body with folding troop seats, removable front rack, seat back, and supports. The spare wheel is mounted on a bracket attached to the front panel. An auxiliary seat, attached to the front panel at the right of the spare wheel locking bracket (fig. 5), is usable when the spare wheel is removed. A roof paulin, supported by bows, covers the cargo compartment. Canvas front and rear end curtains are provided with windows.

 ( b ) Command truck M42. The command truck M42 is slightly different from the cargo truck M37 ((a) above). This difference is made by the installation of a conversion kit consisting of body side curtains with windows, a split type rear end curtain, map light, and folding table.

 (c) Ambulance truck M43. The ambulance truck M43 has a panel-type closed steel body consisting of the driver's compartment and the patient's compartment with a connecting partition door. The spare wheel is mounted on a carrier at the left side of the driver’s compartment. A spotlight is mounted on the roof of the driver's compartment.

 (d ) Telephone maintenance truck V-41. The telephone maintenance truck V-41 (fig. 4) has an all steel body which incorporates compartments for stowage of tools and supplies. The spare wheel is located in the right side front compartment of the body. A spotlight is mounted on a support at the left front fender.

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