TM9-1808A ~ 3/4 Ton & 1 1/2 Ton WC Series ~ Dodge Engine ~ Maintenance


This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual TM9 1808A.  Originally published in September, 1943, it is the engine maintenance manual for the ¾ and 1½ Ton Dodges used during WWII.  Please don’t confuse this with the M37/M43 series.  If you are working on a Second World War Dodge you should have this one.

From the manual:


 a. This manual is published for the information and guidance of Ordnance maintenance personnel. It contains maintenance information on the engine assembly, clutch and electrical system (fig. 1 ) of the Dodge 3/4 ton 4 x 4 and 11/2 ton 6 x 6 basic vehicles.  Maintenance instructions are supplementary to those contained in the Operator's Manuals TM 9-808, TM 9-750A and TM 9-810 published for the using arms.

 b. In addition to the instructions contained in this manual on carburetors, maintenance information is also contained in TM 9-1826A for the Carter carburetor and TM 9-1826C for the Zenith carburetor.

 a. Another manual, TM 9-1808B, contains maintenance information on the power train and chassis of these vehicles.


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