TM9 2320 213 34 ~ Truck,
Platform Utility, ½ Ton, 4X4 ~ Mule ~ Field Maintenance ~ M274, M274A1


This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual TM9 2320 213 34.  Originally published in December, 1963 it is the Field manual on the Mule chassis.  It is an early Mule manual, M274 & M724A1.  I am surprised how extensive the use of parts numbers is.  While a maintenance manual, it come very close to being a parts list.  Lots of exploded views.

From the Manual:

1.  Scope


a.  This technical manual contains instructions for field maintenance of the steering system, front axle and gear carrier assembly, rear axle and transmission assembly, body, chassis, and all peculiar type items for the ½-ton, 4 x 4, Platform Utility Truck M274 and M274A1.  It contains descriptions of and procedures for removal, disassembly, inspection, repair, rebuild, and assembly of the afore-mentioned components for both vehicle models.


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