TM10-1443 ~ Maintenance Manual ~ 1/2 Ton 4X4 Dodge Trucks

This is a quality  reprint of the US Army Manual, TM10-1443.  Originally published in June of 1941, it is the primary maintenance manual for the 1/2 ton, WC Series Dodge.  That includes: Weapons Carrier, Ambulance, Carry-All, Radio Van, Emergency Repair, & Command Reconnaissance Car. 

From the manual:

TWO objectives have been considered in the preparation of this manual.

 1. OPERATION AND CARE OF THE TRUCK: The manual contains practical and useful operating instructions and maintenance suggestions for the guidance of DRIVERS responsible for the operation of Dodge 4 x 4 Army Trucks. This information is written with the aim of promoting uninterrupted truck performance under different driving conditions encountered in Army Maneuvers.

 2. REPAIRING THE TRUCK: The manual contains practical and workable mechanical instructions adequately illustrated with "action" pictures and "exploded" views. This information is for the use of the MECHANIC whose responsibility is to keep the truck in operation. The "Service Diagnosis" charts will also help the mechanic to analyze his

 problems before attempting a solution.

 The contents of the manual are arranged in group sequence as indicated in the index in the right-hand margin of this page. Each group is divided into "Subjects" or Service Operations which are numbered consecutively throughout the manual These subject numbers are used in order to make quick reference to related subjects. For example, in the Front Axle group, Subject 32, on page 18, refers to several other subjects which are related to the procedure of removing and installing a front axle housing.

 The last group of the manual entitled "Service Standards" is a tabulated summary of adjustment specifications, dimensions of parts and name and type of units built by other manufacturers.

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