TM10-1181 ~ 1/2  Ton Dodge ~ VC Series ~ Maintenance Manual

This is a quality  reprint of the US Army Manual, TM10-1181.  Originally published in September  of 1941, it is the primary maintenance manual for the 1/2 ton, VC Series Dodge.  That includes: VC-1 ~ Command Reconnaissance Body, VC-2 ~ Command Reconnaissance Radio Body, VC-3 ~ Closed cab Pickup Body, VC-4 ~ Closed Cab Pickup Body w/o Seats, VC-5 ~ Open Cab Pickup Body, and VC-6 ~  Carryall Body.

From the manual:

This Instruction Manual is published for drivers and mechanics as a guide and shop reference relating to Dodge Trucks as described above.

Instructions for driving and operating are given together with miscellaneous pointers on public highway safety. While certain points covered will not apply to some Army maneuvers, under certain conditions, yet there are many- miles of travel on the public highways which should be made in accordance with public traffic and highway safety rules.

Brief descriptions of major units are given so mechanics will have a general knowledge of the truck construction. Further in the book are detailed instructions for removing and installing parts, adjustments and maintenance. The last section is a tabulated summary of technical data which may be used as a quick reference when making service adjustments or replacements.

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