TM9 2320 218 10 ~ Operator's Manual for 1/4 Ton ~ M151

This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual, TM9-2320-218-10.  Originally published in March of 1983.  Not so much maintenance as operation for this  Vietnam Era Jeep.

From the Manual:


    a. This manual contains information for safe and efficient operation of your equipment.   These instructions provide you with a general knowledge of the equipment, its characteristics and unusual operation procedures.


b.     Provides you with troubleshooting procedures, so you can keep your equipment operating properly.


c.      Provides best possible operating procedures under most circumstances.  Multiple emergencies, adverse weather, terrain, etc., may require modification of these procedures.


d.      Takes a “positive approach” and normally only states what you can do.  Unusual operations or configurations are prohibited unless specifically included.  Before attempting any questionable operation, which is not specifically permitted in this manual, clearance must be obtained from your supervisor.

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