TM9-2320-208-34P ~
Direct Support and General Support Repair Parts and Special Tool Lists for M38A1, M28A1C, & M170

This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual TM9-2320-208-34P.  Originally published in July of 1966 it is provides exploded views and Federal Stock Numbers.  This will be more detailed than the Organizational Support Manuals as Direct Support and General Support are higher echelon maintenance shops. 

From the Manual:


 a. This manual is an illustrated list of repair parts and special tools authorized for field maintenance (general and direct support) of the subject materiel.

 b. For direct support maintenance, this list contains all items authorized for initial stockage for direct support maintenance and for supply support to organizational maintenance. For allowance factors for those items, see TM 9-2300223-34P.

 c. For general support maintenance, this list contains items authorized for initial stockage for general support maintenance. For allowance factors for these items, see TM 9-2300-223-34P.

 d. The nonsupply items are not stocked for issue and are contained herein for identification only. They are not allocated in the maintenance columns.

 e. For prices of Ordnance items listed herein, see the appropriate supply manual of the SM 9--series, Stock List of All Items Price List. Prices of items that are the responsibility of technical services other than Ordnance may be obtained from the appropriate type-2 supply manuals for those services.

 f. Additional applications of items in this manual are listed in the supply manuals of the SM 9-3-series Stock List of Repair Parts.

 Explanation of Columns

 a. Illustrations. This column indicates the figure number of the illustration that depicts the item. When more than one item appears on the illustration, the item number is also indicated.

 b. Source, Maintenance, and Recoverability Code. This column lists a code that indicates the selection statue and source of supply of the repair part, the lowest category of maintenance to install or manufacture the repair part, and the recoverability and expendability aspects of the repair part. An example of this code is PI it. The "P" indicates that the item is a mission stockage list repair part procured and stocked on a national program basis, the "O" indicates the repair part is authorized to organizational maintenance, and the "R" indicates that the repair part is an expendable recoverable item. When repair parts supply responsibility has been assigned to a materiel agency other than Ordnances the basic number of a supplying materiel agency is listed in column 2a, for example, "11" for a Signal materiel item. Refer to paragraph 10 for an explanation of all codes appearing in this manual.

 c. Federal Stock Number. This column lists the Federal stock number assigned by the Cataloging Division, Armed Forces Supply Support Center.

 d. Description.  The Federal item's name Shown in capital letters) and any additional description required for supply operations are listed in this column. All dimensions listed are in inches unless otherwise specified. For further identification, the materiel control or manufacturer's part number is parenthetically listed at the end of each nomenclature.

 e. Unit of Issue. The unit of issue column lists the actual unit of issue for each item (ea, lg. ft. etc.).


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