TM9 8014  ~ Operation & Organizational Maintenance ~ 1/4 Ton 4X4 Utility Truck ~ M38A1 & M170

This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual, TM9 8014 Operation & Organizational Maintenance" for: Truck, Utility, 1/4 Ton Utility, 4X4 ~ M38A1 & M170”.  Originally printed in April 1955, it provides a significant amount of information for the maintenance of this great vehicle. 

 From the Manual:


 a. These instructions are published for information and guidance of the personnel to whom this material is issued. They contain information on the operation and organizational maintenance of the materiel as well as descriptions of major units and their functions in relation to other components of the materiel.

 b. The appendix contains a list of current references, including supply manuals, forms, technical manuals, and other available publications applicable to the materiel.

 c. This manual differs from TM 9-804A, 21 July 1952, as shown below.

(1)   Adds  information on the /4-ton 4X4 front line ambulance M170. 

(2)   Revises information on name, caution, and instruction plates; tabulated data; controls and instruments; lubrication order; preventive maintenance services; troubleshooting; special tools, fuel lines, propeller shafts with universal joints, clutch controls and linkage, awl springs and toe-in adjustment.

(3)   Deletes reference to—engine oil pan replacement, clutch replacement, Pitman arm replacement, and engine tune up.

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