¼ Ton 4X4 Truck, GPW ~ Ford ~ Instructions for Unpacking & Assembly of Boxed Vehicle ~ WWII Jeep

This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual produced by ford on how to unpack the "Jeep is a Box".  If you are as old we are you might remember the ads in the back of magazines such as Popular Mechanics for Surplus Jeeps.  Seems like this is what they were referring to.  Of course I never met anyone who actually ever bought one surplus  It did make a great urban legend however.  If you do have a WWII Jeeps in its original packing case, we would recommend not unpacking it.  It has got to be a very unique collector's item at this point.  Anyway here it is.

From the Manual:


 This Motor Vehicle has been thoroughly tested and inspected before being packed for shipment Like any other piece of machinery, to maintain it in proper operating condition, it should he lubricated and receive periodic systematic inspection as outlined in TM9 803 Technical Manual which is furnished with each vehicle.

 The following pages outline how to remove the vehicle from the packing ease and the sequence of operations necessary in the assembly

 FORD MOTOR COMPANY Deerborn, Mich., U.S.A.

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