TM9-803 ~ ¼ Ton 4X4 Truck MB and GPW Jeep Manual

This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual TM9- 803.  Originally published in February  of 1944, it is the Maintenance Manual Models MB and GPW Jeeps. 

Here is a page from the manual describing this manual’s use and its relationship to the other WWII manuals in the series:

1.    Scope

a. This technical manual* is published for the information and guidance of the using arm personnel charged with the operation and maintenance of this materiel.

b. In addition to a description of the I/4-ton 4 x 4 Truck (Willys-Overland model MB and Ford GPW), this manual contains technical information required for the identification, use, and care of the materiel. The manual is divided into two parts.  Part One, sections I through VII, contains vehicle operating instructions. Part Two, sections VIII through XXXII, contains vehicle maintenance instructions to using arm personnel charged with the responsibility of doing maintenance work within their jurisdiction, including radio suppression and shipment and temporary storage information.

c. In all cases where the nature of the repair, modification, or adjustment is beyond the scope of facilities of the unit, the responsible ordnance service should be informed so that trained personnel with suitable tools and equipment may be provided, or proper instructions issued.

d. This manual includes operating and organizational maintenance instructions from the following Quartermaster Corps 10-series technical manuals. Together with TM 9-1803A and TM 9-1803B, this manual supersedes them:

(1)    TM 10-1103, 20 August 1941.

(2)    TM 10-1207, 20 August 1941.

(3)    TM 10-1349, 3 January 1942.

(4)    TM 10-1513, Change 1, 15 January 1943.

*To provide operating instructions with the materiel, this technical manual had been published in advance of complete technical review. Any errors or omissions will be corrected by changes or, it extensive, by an early revision.


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