TM10-1186 ~ ¼ Ton 4X4 Truck, MA/MB ~ Willys ~ Master Parts List

This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual TM 10 1186.  Originally published in July of 1943, it is the Master parts List for the Models MA and MB Jeeps and MB-T ¼ ton trailer,  I don’t want to mislead anyone, please be certain you know this is a parts list manual.  It is 195 pages of all the parts used on the MA and MB jeeps and the ¼ ton trailer.  There are numerous exploded views, cutaway views and schematics.  It will not tell you how to fix your jeep but it will tell you what’s in there and provide the original part number.  If your heart can take it, you can also see what Willys was selling parts for back in the forties.

From the Manual:

This Master Parts List has been compiled in accordance with specifications and we have endeavored to provide a concise tabulation of every serviceable part in such manner that model, part number, name, illustration, quantity per car or price may be readily located.

 This book consists of three main Groups as follows:


 When the description of a part is known, it may be located in the alphabetical index by ascertaining the noun properly describing the part and then locating this noun, in its proper alphabetical order.

 The Government Group Number is shown following the description. This Government Group Number may be found in its proper numerical order in the Government Group Section (No. 2.)


 Each Government Group Number represents a certain section of the vehicle —such as 01 Engine Group, 06 Electrical Group, etc.

 A quick index of these major groups may be found on the front page and by bending the book, a black flag will appear along the edge of the page opposite each particular group, indicating its proper location.

 These major groups are then divided into sub-groups, such as 0101 Cylinder Block; 0102 Crankshaft Bearings, etc., requiring only the inspection of a subgroup to obtain the part desired.


 This Section includes all part numbers listed in the Group Section in numerical order, followed by an abbreviated description, Government Sub-Group Number and list price.

 When a part number is known, it may readily be found in its numerical order and other information obtained.

 (o) When this symbol appears in the Numerical Section, preceding a Part Number it indicates this part is also used on Commercial Cars.

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