Ariel Square Four ~ Owner's Guide ~ 1949-1950

This is a quality reprint of the Ariel Square Four's Owner's Guide.  It covers significant maintenance and repair information.  If you have one of these unique machines or just really want to know how they did it, you should have this manual.

From the Manual:

The information given in this book has been collected and compiled for your guidance by members of our Technical Staff who are practical motor cyclists of many years' standing and careful study of its contents will enable the owner to keep his machine in first-class running order by carrying out adjustments and repairs when necessary in a correct manner. Should any difficulty arise, however, our Technicians are always pleased to advise on any matter.

 The following interesting literature is also supplied with every new "Ariel" Motor Cycle:—

 "Lucas Lighting and Ignition."

"Chains and the Motor-cyclist."

"Tyres by Dunlop."

"Solex Carburettor. "

 When sending an enquiry, always state the Engine and Frame Numbers so that we can identify the exact specification of the machine. The Engine Number and Letter is stamped on the drive side crankcase immediately below the cylinder flange, and the Frame Number is stamped on the right-hand side of the saddle lug. The Index at the beginning of the book gives the page number of any information required. We advise owners to make themselves conversant with all aspects of their machine by reading carefully the literature supplied.

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