ORD 7-8-9 SNL G523 ~ Standard Nomenclature List for Harley Davidson, WLA ~ Parts List

This is a quality reprint of the US Army Ordnance Supply manual, including Organizational Spare Parts and Equipment, Higher Echelon Spare Parts and Equipment and Service Parts Catalog.  What all that means is that this one manual list ALL the parts for the WLA down to bolts and washers.  Manufacturers and government parts numbers are cross referenced.  If you are serious about that WLA, this is an important piece of reference material.  Published in September 1944.

From the Manual:


 For full information relative to Standard Nomenclature Lists, the procedure followed and the principles employed in the compilation, together with the purposes and uses thereof, see the-Introduction to the-Ordnance Catalog (ORD 1 IOC), the Ordnance Provision System Regulations (OPSR) and the -Ordnance Publications for Supply Index (ORD 2 OBSI).

 This Standard-Nomenclature List contains the following sub-divisions besides this General Information Section.

 Organizational Spare Parts and Equipment (ORD 7)

 Higher Echelon Spare Parts and Equipment ~Addendum) (ORD 8)

 Service Parts Catalog (ORD 9)


 On the flyleaf of each of the several sub-divisions in the book will be found appropriate explanations of the contents of each section and their uses. These are important and must be observed for proper understanding.                                                 ,


 The following paragraphs explain various important details with which the user should be familiar for proper understanding of the catalog and practices peculiar to this book:


 The parts listed in this catalog are divided into major and minor groups in accordance with the Standardized Government Grouping. This division into groups facilitates the location and identification of each part. The Standardized Government Grouping as adapted to this catalog is outlined on pages 8 & 9.


 Exploded views are used throughout the book to aid in locating and identifying parts. Illustrations are placed as closely as possible to the groups to which they apply.

 The legend immediately following the illustrations, or on the opposite page, gives the key letter, item and manufacturer's part number together with the sub-group in which the required information for requisitioning an item is listed. Whenever a part is illustrated, this is indicated by the Figure No shown in Column 1.

 In the rear of the book there is a Figure Index giving the plate numbers, the titles and the page on which each illustration is located.


 Whenever any doubt may exist as to what items are included as components of kits, sets or assemblies, an explanatory note or a complete listing of such components is shown. In the case of items which are both separately listed and are components of kits or sets, suitable cross reference notations will be found throughout the text.


 Particular attention is directed to the fact that all indexes are placed at the back of the book and that all items are not included in all indexes. Excluded items are covered by explanatory notes at the beginning of the index. The various indexes are listed on the flyleaf of the index portion of this catalog.


 Until recently there were no serial numbers used on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. On later 1942 models there is a serial number on each motorcycle. This serial number appears on the caution plate, just to the rear end of the switch panel.

 In most cases, in this book, part changes are indicated by U.S.A. Registration Numbers. These have appeared on the rear number plates of 1940, 1941 and some 1942 models. On other 1942 models these U.S.A. Registration numbers are stenciled on the lower portion of the rear mudguard.

 Motor numbers appear on the left crankcase just below the cylinders. These numbers are stamped thus 42WLA47286. The first figure and series of letters designate the year and model of the vehicle, in illustration given, this is 42WLA. These motor numbers are not used to indicate parts changes because of frequent switching of motor assemblies in repair operations.


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