TM-10-1482 ~ Harley Davidson ~ WLA ~ Parts List ~ 1942

This is a quality reprint of the Harley Davidson 1942 WLA parts Manual.  Provides pictures & part numbers.  Originally published in May, 1942.

From the Manual:


This book consists of a complete list of all service parts for all the U. S. Army. It also includes definite stockage recommendations.

 An alphabetical list of all parts appears on the pages following.

 The main section of this book lists all service parts arranged by Gov't group numbers and is fully illustrated.

 Immediately following this main section is a listing of all special tools which are used on these models. This list of tools covers tools used in Field Service and also Base Service.

 Following the tool list is a numerical list of "O" parts. These "O" parts are screws, nuts, washers, lock washers, steel balls, cotter pins rivets and grease fittings that may be used in several assembly groups. Sizes are marked for easy identification.

 The last section of the book, we have listed numerically all part numbers, showing the page number, Gov't group number and also the list price of each part.

 A complete bearing chart is shown on the back cover of the book.

 Parts stockage recommendations appear after each item in the main section of the book, with the exception of the "O" parts. The recommendations on "O" parts are shown in the numerical list of "O" parts.

 The symbol shown before part numbers indicate that these parts are common parts and can be used on regular commercial machines.


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