Indian ~ Super Enduro Model SE-74 ~ Parts Manual 

This is a quality reprint of the of the Pasrts List for the Indian Motorcycle's 70CC Enduro.  This was the result of one of several attempts to resurrect one of the great names in motorcycling.  These bikes were a product of the 1970's. 

From the Manual:


 1-1.1 This illustrated parts book (IPB) applies to the following 70 cc Indian Motorcycle, manufactured by the Indian Motorcycle Company located in Gardena, California:

 Year ~ 1972

 Model Description ~ Super Enduro

 Model No. ~ SE-74

 1-1.2 The illustrated parts book is the master parts catalog for parts contained within the preceding motorcycle and should be used by Indian Dealers and Distributors for requisitioning (ordering), storing, issuing and identifying parts for the applicable motorcycle. The IPB is divided into two sections: Introduction, and Assembly Parts Breakdowns.

 1-2.     ASSEMBLY PARTS BREAKDOWN DESCRIPTION — The assembly parts breakdown tables consist of a listing of the complete motorcycle unit into assemblies, subassemblies, major parts, and detailed parts. Each assembly is listed in its logical order of disassembly and is followed immediately by its component parts. Items that are made from raw stock such as lengths of wire, insulating material, grease, sealants and paint are not included in the parts breakdown.

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