Indian Motorcycle Shop ~ Des Moines, Iowa ~ Indian / Harley Davidson Parts and Accessories ~ 1945

This is a quality reprint of a dealer’s catalogue from 1945.   During the War years there were no civilian motorcycles made and the bulk of parts that were made went to the military.   This document provides a glimpse into what the rider faced at home.  Both Harley and Indian parts are listed, both new and used.  It includes accessories available in the last year of the War.

From the catalogue:

To Motorcycle Riders

 Are you having trouble getting new parts or chrome accessories? I have plenty of parts and accessories on hand all the time, and ship them the same day ordered.

 The parts situation is somewhat better than it was in 1942-44. However it may be tough this spring and summer while the Army is winding up the Germans. By 1946, we should be able to get all the new parts wanted, but parts for motorcycles over 10 years old are very scarce and not made anymore by the factories.

 In accessories; the items we have listed are nearly always in stock, and we have plenty of them now, but some items which were available before the War are not obtainable now at all.

 Prices MAY be lower after the War, but I am inclined to believe that parts will be higher, and new motorcycles about 15-20% higher. Repair charges will be about the same. The worst problem right now is handling the repair work, as all the good mechanics have gone to War or Defense work, and I now have to do most of this myself, by working evenings and Sundays. As I handle all the correspondence and orders, and am kept extremely busy, it therefore isn't always possible to answer every inquiry, and if your letter isn't answered or your order is not shipped at once, then very likely we haven't the part or items you wish. If return postage is sent, I will answer, and of course all orders with remittances are given prompt attention. But remember, even a motorcycle dealer has to sleep sometime. You can save time by giving full details of motor number, year, and description of parts wanted.

 This is my 31st year in the motorcycle business and still going strong.


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