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This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual TM10 515.  Originally published in September of 1942, it is an outstanding reference for the Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles operated by the US Military during WWII.  IT is not just a how to get the bike started and into gear, although it does cover that, it provides information on how these bikes are actually work. There are a significant numbers of cutaway views so that one can understand what is going on in there.  I have several other Indian manuals available, but if you were to ask me which manual is the one you should have this would be it.  I have seen original copies of this manual selling on Ebay in the $100 range.  Here is one for a fraction of that which can be use on the workbench.

 From the Manual:

 c. This manual is intended to provide the motorcyclist with basic information on the operation, maintenance, and construction of military motorcycles. The first four sections are concerned with the primary responsibilities of a motorcycle operator, whereas the rest of the manual explains how the vehicle is constructed and how the various mechanisms operate. It outlines tolerances, clearances, and servicing of various parts which are beyond the facilities of the driver or even the motorcycle mechanic. Such additional information will help the motorcyclist to understand the practices of higher echelons when accompanying the motorcycle for monthly and semiannual maintenance inspections.

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