Motorcycle Mechanics Handbook ~ The Armored School ~ Motorcycle Department ~ Fort Knox, Kentucky

This is a quality reprint of US Army textbook for the Motorcycles Mechanics Course.  Originally published in 1943, it primarily deals with the WLA and XA.  It covers maintenance and, because it is a course book, describes how systems work.  For those interested, it would make some interesting ready.  I would not buy this manual as my primary maintenance manual, but I do believe it would provide a good understanding of these great machines.

From the Manual:

 This text has been prepared by the Motorcycle Department of the Armored School to assemble in printed form some of the information taught on the mechanics of the motorcycle, knowledge of which is required of every graduate of this Motorcycle Mechanics Course. Although both the Indian and the Harley Davidson motorcycles are used by the United States Army, the armored units use the Harley Davidson almost exclusively. This text, therefore, while dealing generally with all models, treats particularly and in detail the 1941 and 1942 WLA model Harley Davidson, as this is the motorcycle that armored units mechanics study at present ( May, 1943). A chapter has been included to discuss briefly pertinent features of the new experimental Harley Davidson XA shaft drive motorcycle.

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