Special Motorcycle Tools for Indian Military  Motorcycles ~ Models - 340B -640b -741b ~ 1942

This is a quality reprint of the Special Motorcycle Tools for Indian Military Motorcycles ~ Models - 340B -640b -741b.  It provides those tools required for Military Indian maintenance.

 From the manual:

This listing covers special motorcycle tools that have been supplied on government contracts for "First"—"Second"— "Third" and "Fourth" Echelon repair work in addition to standard tools available for all authorized Indian motorcycle dealers for civilian maintenance.

 Tools illustrated under "Third and Fourth Echelon" and marked with the signal "MRU" are required for major repair units. Usually one set of these tools to a unit is sufficient.

 All other tools illustrated under "First—Second, Third and Fourth Echelons" and marked with the signal "MT" are mechanics tools and each mechanic should have a complete set in addition to a standard set of socket, open end and adjustable wrenches, screw drivers, files, etc.

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