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This is a quality reprint of the parts list for the US Army Chief.  I believe it is a manual produced for the military.  I have seen several manuals like these, with a Technical Manual Number rubber stamped on the cover.  It was common ate the beginning of the war for the manufactures to [provide the manuals for their products.  I have no real proof this is the case withy this manual, but I do have strong suspicions.  If you are restoring a 340 this document should be in your library.

From the Manual:


 This book contains a list of all parts used in the construction of the Indian Motorcycle known as Model 340 or all Indian machines with the first three letters of the engine number CDO.

 In addition, all non-standard or oversize parts used in the repair and maintenance of this model are also listed.

 All parts included in an assembly unit are indented under the assembly number where such parts may be purchased separately.


 The engine number is located on the left crankcase just below the front cylinder.

 Serial numbers are located on the left side of the frame at the rear axle.


 Type: 42 Degree, Air-Cooled

Number Cylinders: 2

Bore 3 1/4

Stroke: 4 7/16”   

Piston Displacement: 73.62 cu. in.


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