TM10-1333 ~ Indian Motorcycle ~ Model 340B ~ "Chief" ~ Operation and Maintenance Manual

This is a quality reprint of US Army Manual TM 10 1333.  Originally published in November of 1941, it is the primary maintenance manual for the Indian Model 340 B.  That is the military version of the Chief.  This motorcycle is very similar to the late prewar Chiefs.  Forks are leaf spring with plunger suspension in the rear.  The engine information and transmission is the same for all 74, including post war 74 inch Chiefs.

From the Manual:

 This manual contains act of the information necessary to the proper operation, care, maintenance and repair of the Indian Military model motorcycle known as model 340-B.

 Complete detailed operations are given and fully illustrated for the repair of all major and sub-assemblies with factory clearances and specifications.

 Note: The importance of properly servicing new machines prior to placing them in service cannot be overestimated. We respectfully direct your attention to the "New Motorcycle Inspection" charts on pages 0-5 and 0-6 and to the periodic inspection forms on page 0-9.

 Throughout, the entire manual follows the standard " Federal Group System" as used in all parts hooks, instruction and repair manuals to facilitate your finding the information readily.

 Service diagnosis tables are given covering the major units and while no attempt has been made to make them all inclusive—the most probable service information is listed.

 Through the proper care, operation and maintenance as pointed out in this manual, you can maintain the performance of the motorcycle or motorcycles entrusted to you at their highest peaks of efficiency.

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