Indian Motorcycle ~ Rider's Guide ~ 1948

This is a quality reprint of the American Indian Motorcycle Rider’s Manual.  Originally published in 1948, it provides a wealth of information for the Indian Rider.  Models included are 74, Four Cylinder, 30.50, 45 and Dispatch Tow.  This is not like a modern operator’s manual that just point out where the fuses are.  There are serious tune up procedures, wiring diagrams, lubrication, and much more.  If you are going to ride an Indian, you should have a copy of this manual.

From the Manual:

A Word to the Indian Rider

 Use this Manual in keeping your INDIAN in tip top condition. It was written and printed just for you as an INDIAN Rider.

 You received your Authorized Indian Dealer's Service policy with your new Indian and we wish to stress the importance of having your dealer make the 500 and 1000 mile check and adjustments.

 Moving parts are closely fitted or adjusted at the factory and high speeds must be approached gradually to give these parts a Glance to be properly "run in." Refrain from sustained high speeds with a new machine and never race your motor while the motorcycle is at rest.

 Follow your motor lubrication and circa lubrication charts carefully. Results obtained will repay you in improved performance minimum repair costs.

Become well acquainted with your INDIAN dealer! While the care of an INDIAN Motorcycle is a comparatively simple matter, even to an inexperienced person, nevertheless there are certain adjustments and repairs which require the skilled mechanic.

 For major repairs or adjustments, you should take your motorcycle to your INDIAN dealer, where it will receive the particular attention of factory trained mechanics, using genuine INDIAN service materials.

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