How to Ride a Motorcycle on Rough Terrain... Sand, Mud, Gravel ~ A Manual for Military Riders ~ Indian Motocycle Company

This is a quality reprint of pamphlet produced during the Second World War. It's purpose is to provide information for military riders in a wide variety riding conditions.  It does not contain a great number of illustrations but does provide a significant amount of information applicable to all era motorcycles.

From the Manual:


This Manual is divided into four parts as follows:

PART l. How to start a Motorcycle and Drive it on roads or on fairly smooth ground.

PART 2. How to Ride Wet PAVED ROADS.

PART 3. How to become a Top-Flight motorcyclist, able to ride successfully under field conditions such as rough ground, sand and gravel roads, mud, etc.

PART 4. How to manage a Motorcycle with sidecar.

The purpose of Part Three of this booklet is to set down in print a series of simple instructions which any motorcycle rider may use to improve his riding ability under the most adverse field conditions. Almost any man who can drive a car can soon master the simple task of driving a motorcycle on ordinary smooth ground or paved highways.

But the riding of a motorcycle off the beaten path, off the paved highway, is a skill in itself.  It is the purpose of these instructions to show a military motorcyclist how he can ride all roads with utmost confidence .... how he can ride a motorcycle over rough ground .... through deep sand or mud, and control the motorcycle successfully under conditions vastly different from smooth roads.



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